Problem Statement



PS01. Develop a robust framework to get Real time location of mobile users with Internal authentication App ( permissions )

Subject : Instant Location Search

Authentication feature to enable ground officers to access permission from seniors for data accessibility like kavach security solution from NIC, biometric and face recognition.

The APP gathers other relevant information also such as time, date, speed and direction of the target.

The APP also shares landmarks & provides geofenceing feature too.

Mobile user’s real time location helps in controlling planned crime, chasing of victim and controlling of crowd etc. and in other effective remediation of potential threats.

Rescue teams can use this App for identifying the effective place of operations.

A LBS-based solution may be created that searches the pertinent 5G network registers and databases and provides a list of the gadgets latched on to the network.

PS02. 3D Capturing ( AR / VR / XR ) of crime scenes using 5G enabled devices also used for capacity building & operations.

Subject : 3D Capturing in 5G Era

Develop a capacity building App for law enforcement officers with 3D and augmenting ( AR ) support.

APP should be usable for Training of officers related to new tools, technology and methodologies.

It should felicitate crime scenes & for collection of crime scene insights for effective investigation etc.

It should facilitate timely, remote and efficient learning.

PS03. App / framework for integration of surveillance wearables gadgets using IoTs and subsequent analysis & analytics using AI / ML

Subject : Surveillance 360°

App/framework for integration of various wearable and digital gadgets used for daily use by beat officers for surveillance. Video analysis & analytics support for daily surveillance videos generated by various gadgets.

App should be able to add 3D scanners support to capture crime scenes and integrate drone , spy cameras, wearable cameras and other attachments also

App should able to withstand the data and communication load of 9-10 wearables or attachments and transfer of that data to the nodal office in a real time scenario.

PS04. Intelligent Traffic management- 5G enabled AI cameras crime scene management including 3D ( AR / VR )

Subject : 5G Enabled Traffic Management

Intelligent Traffic Management: 5G-enabled AI cameras

Advanced analytics capabilities should be integrated into CCTV systems suspects alerts relay to nearest police station.

Two-way Communication should be possible.

PS05. Develop a Data analytic using 5G Metadata for predictive policing, HoT spot detection, crime mapping, geo fencing

Subject : Smart Predictive Policing

Develop a Data analytics & data processing App for predictive policing.- A.I based tool including OSINT for predictive policing

Cyber crime analytics using real time data, which involves storing and analyzing huge volume and variety of data in real time, generating patterns / trends

Location Data: GPS coordinates and timestamps can be embedded in photos or other media. This can provide context about where and when an artifact was created.

Time Stamps: Metadata includes timestamps that can indicate when a file was created, modified, or accessed.

Communication Logs: Metadata from messaging apps or call logs can provide information about who communicated with whom, when, and for how long. This can be crucial in investigations or when reconstructing events.

PS06. APP for Emergency response vehicle ( incl. fire dept vehicles ) embedded with 5G CPEs for Critical Voice / Video / Data communications.

Subject : Intelligent Surface ERV App

The app analyses the location, prioritizes the severity, and communicates with the nodal centers for further action. ( with A.I & M.L support ).

The app shares live location of ERV to the user.

Access to Critical Data :

With respect to emergency to nodal centre.

For instance, firefighters can use floor plans to locate exits of a burning building, EMS might view a reference of possible drug interactions during an overdose, and police often utilize data from criminal databases.

PS07. APP for 5G enabled Drones ( control and data ) for surveillance,security and safety

Subject : Intelligent Air ERV App

Live streaming, edge processing, smart incident management, etc.

Send alerts or notifications in case of suspicious activities, emergencies.

cloud storage options for recorded footage

Analysis & Analytics for data processing

Data Encryption and Security

PS08. Create Software routing security framework for private network for 5G communication network

Subject : Secure 5G Networking

Keeps the networks secure by tracking and evaluating network traffic.

It prohibits network abusers from obtaining unwanted access.

It prevents spyware and keeps the privacy of the network intact.

Acts as a single stumbling block for protection and real-time analysis.

The routing mechanism must be secure

PS09. Develop an App ( A.I / M.L based ) to give assistance to LEAs in investigation, evidence collection, drafting of charge sheets.

Subject : App ( AI / ML based ) in Criminal Investigation

App (A.I / M.L based) is to be developed which can help the IO.

1. Suggest the kind of evidence to be collected.

2. Procedure to be followed - Seizure, Arrest, Chemical, Examination etc.

3. To suggest Sections of law that would be applicable in an FIR.

4. Suggest chargesheet and auto check.